The idea of psychology often seems to be that, if only something from early on could be sorted out, a lack of love, then ‘we’ would be okay, but this ‘we’ in itself is a thing that is not okay. Is it not the case that no matter what has happened to you, it needs to be disassociated from, by a more stable constant sense of ‘I’ which stands somewhat apart from it all?

History presents to us, a scenario in which humans seem to have accepted, in one way or another, by and large, a scenario in which, by divine right, certain someones have a position of privilege over what resources there are on the planet.

In our great literature, we trace a lineage, which seems to point ever more to sense of the individual, from the arguable shared sentiments of the ancients, to the interior endless reflections of the individual, as reflected in James Joyce.

What circles can be drawn and how do our individual symbolisms meet up, as we flower into individuality?