The Nature and Purpose of Human Existence

“For the life of me I cant see what we were arguing about. Well, it’s easily understood, said another. And after while, their thoughts became telepathically known to one another, and they ceased to speak.

“Well, now look at it: we’re thrust on to a pretty inhospitable planet, divided into sexes and races, and body types, subjected to the revages of a rapidly decomposing organism, which is also extremely sensitive and easily irrepreably damaged or destroyed, which [in turn] causes us an [immeasurable annd] immense amount of physical pain: as children we are entirely dependant on the whim of mortal, corruptible beings: so we are hardly to be blamed: yet this strange little twig of thought, which causes some to do something they know is harmful to another, is justified simply, by some discontinuous grievance or other.

“The body is of course corruptible, but also, seems, in the moment, to be impenetrably strong, and is moreover preserved, in many cases, by a multitude of forces. The enemy of man is his easily hypnotized state. Quite simply, each person plays a role, or a multitude of roles, but which fail to comprehend the actuality of the situation, which is the sole cause of harm.

“What are we to do then? Just sit [around] and look at these roses?

“In general, it’s beneficial to conceive of the more questionable doctrines of the big fundmental ideas which more or less took hold of the planet, as being desperate measures to contain the desparate ruthless behavior of humans, who slaughter and maim wholesale, like animals, but ever finding more ingenious and suffering-inducing ways of doing so, with threats of hellish retribution, rewards of paradise etc. most easily to be taken as metaphors of a kind of psychological state inevitably resulting from the conscious and willed harm of another. In this respect, these overarching fundamental doctrines also concentrated on the most powerful force working within humans: the erotic. By organizing its restrictions and limitations, warnings etc. around this, it moreover succeeded in creating some kind of hold over the humans. How would you attempt to instill any kind of order over a group of children, causing harm to their surrounding, themselves, and one another? [why of course – hmm] with threats of reward and retribution.

“Of course we stand witness to how these humans have in various ways, in the name of precepts connected with these, devised ways of mechanistically, terribly, uncompromisingly destroying one another’s existences: but war machines have been built up around a variety of causes: for example: the conquests, of Napolean, Alexander, and Ghengis, the German Nationalist party, and so it goes on. Humans, without fail, devise ways of augmenting every last attempt to do harm, of the most extensive kind to one another.

“They fight. For what ever reasons, they fight. They fight in general about access to resources on this vulnerable planet. They fight out of fear, and out of an effort at self preservation, in in order to counter future [possibilities of] assault [abuse] and injury.

“We have reason to believe that, beyond this, the reason for their fighting stems from cosmic influences. In general, the pull of the moon acts on their hormones (again linked to the erotic drive), meaning that their general psychological equilibrium is in general like the weather and totally unpredictable. This hormonal tooing and froeing, acts on them to the degree that it constrains them to take on these different roles and acts, in order to cope with these shifting moods, In this sense, their entire psychology, and all their emotions, become entirely dependent on the moon. Morover, this magnetic pull of the moon attracts to it certain substances from these hormones, all of which gradually alter its atmosphere. Moreover the moon has helped shape and guide the evolution of beings on this planet, in accordance with this magnetic pull, so that these beings are formed around the magnetic pull of the moon. Consider that the magnetic pull of the moon is not so weak, if it can influence, with clockwork regularity, the behaviour of oceans. The moon in itself is an important factor in the developing and shaping of life on this planet. Fighting and war, in general, is also because of the magnetic pull of the moon on hormones, which cause minor grievances, which form the basis of lasting resentments, which cause the basis of war. This hormonal secretion is maximized in war, mayhem and death. On the lowest levels it is emanated in self torture, and the ever more intricate and fiendlishly ingenious ways humans devise for themselves for torturing themselves on a psychological level, as they go about their daily lives. The stilling of the body and mind, is nature’s way of stilling these extrusions and emitting them in a way which does not require harm and suffering. Ultimately the transmitting of these energies by one another’s mutual destruction is a losing game, since the cause of its generation (the humans) could potentially exstinguish themselves. All you have to consider is the possible effects of the magnetic pull of the moon on embryos etc.

Moreover, there is also to be considered the influence of the other planets on these hormones and our devlopment, but the moon in particular, being our closest orb.

That will explain to you in totality the nature and cause of our existence.